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Your Dedicated Virtual CIO

A Strategic Partner. A Trusted Advisor.

Is adding a dedicated Chief Information Officer (CIO) on your payroll out of the question, yet you’re concerned about managing your technology?

A Virtual CIO (vCIO) is paired with our Managed IT services to determine a strategy and help you achieve your technology goals. With a vCIO, you can have the IT department you always wished you had and be better equipped to manage risk, strategically address your technology challenges, and provide uptime assurance… all while helping your bottom line.

How A Virtual CIO

How A Virtual CIO

Works For You

The traditional approach of adding technology experts to the payroll isn’t practical for many organizations.

Your vCIO will be your advocate and offer the highest quality customer service, consistently visiting your business to offer ongoing assistance. Leverage the expertise of our vCIOs to help you:

  • Analyze your current IT environment and provide a needs assessment
  • Develop an IT strategy to reach your business goals and achieve results
  • Determine software and hardware needs and ensure timely updates and licensing
  • Design a solution to address cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and compliance, and implement best practices for enterprise-level protection
  • Assess processes related to technology to improve efficiencies
  • Provide recommendations for computers, software, and other technology to stay current
  • Solve problems with the skills and experience needed and by collaborating with an experienced team of technical experts that is available 24/7
  • Develop an IT roadmap, which is reviewed quarterly, to look at the big picture and strategize to see how technology can positively impact your bottom line

Meet Our

Elevity vCIOs

Matt Freymiller
Appleton & Madison, WI 

“I always make sure I communicate effectively with my clients and am always available to them.”

  • With Gordon Flesch for nearly 20 years
  • A passion for customer service and providing ROI
  • Plays guitar and saxophone in his free time
Adam Overberg, vCIO

Adam Overberg
Co-Managed Clients 

Adam Overberg has been with Elevity as a vCIO since 2022 with 14 years of previous IT experience. With a vast range of experience including the following positions: Remote Desktop Support, System Administrator, Legal IT Director and Legal Digital Officer. His favorite part about being an Elevity vCIO is the flexibility to support my clients and their organizations in whatever manor works best for them. I also enjoy have a team of engineers/SAs to collaborate with on solutions and projects. Outside of work, you'll find Adam playing video games and mountain biking.

Mickey Chavannes
Milwaukee, WI 

Mickey Chavannes has been with Elevity as a vCIO since August 2022 with 10 years of previous CIO work under his belt. Mickey has a vast range of experience including as an IT director at schools, leading the training and development of technology tools and how to integrate those tools into the curriculum. His favorite part about being an Elevity vCIO is working with people to help keep their environment up to date. Outside of work, you'll find Mickey playing or refereeing soccer and finding ways to enjoy the outdoors, like hunting.

Nathan Distel

Nathan Distel joined the GFC team in 2015 in Managed IT until Elevity was born in 2020, where he continued his IT career. Nathan has over 20 years of IT experience and prior to 2015 had been in numerous roles such as Support Engineer, Senior Engineer, vCIO. All of these previous positions were in the Managed IT space and all with variety of technology experiences including Microsoft Environments, Apple, and more. Nathan has worked on IT for all types of verticals like architecture, legal, medical, veterinary, property management, construction, etc. His favorite part of Elevity is working with clients to improve their business through technology. In Nathan's off time you can find him involved in sports, whether it's playing golf and basketball or being a parent/former coach at my kid's sporting events.

It’s Easy To Get Started

Reach out to us to talk through your technology needs and how a dedicated Virtual CIO can help you reach your business goals.