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Why Now's the Right Time to Consider Managed IT

Jeff Dotzler
Written by Jeff Dotzler

GettyImages-1191327288This is a tough time to be in business. We’re all feeling the financial strain of COVID-19 shutdowns. As companies try to trim expenses, IT spending is going down. You may be facing the difficult decision to downsize or even eliminate your IT department.

At the same time, you can’t risk going without proper network support and security – especially with much of your workforce logging in from home. It can feel like being trapped between a rock and a hard place.

That’s why it might be time to consider a 3rd party managed IT approach. A Managed Services Provider (MSP) can help you maintain your network for less cost than an in-house IT department.

Lower Your IT Costs …

You can avoid expanding your IT staff – or run without one altogether. Maintaining an IT department gets expensive. An MSP provides the security and tech support for your organization for one monthly/annual fee.

Using an MSP is a predictable expense. Knowing what you’ll be spending on IT support each month makes it easier to stay within tight budgets.

Even if you aren’t planning to eliminate your IT staff entirely, an MSP can supplement your existing department. Managed IT takes over some of your IT staff’s day-to-day responsibilities so they can focus on your organization’s core revenue-generating activities.

… Without Sacrificing Network Security and Efficiency

Many business analysts predict that working from home will become the new normal even after COVID-19 passes. That means securing your remote workforce – and giving them the tools they need to work effectively – will remain important well into the future.

An MSP can protect your network from costly cyberattacks and also keep your remote employees highly productive.

No matter the industry, security is essential. Data breaches and downtime can get expensive very fast. MSPs take a proactive approach to IT security, ensuring your networks, mobile devices, and cloud services are regularly maintained and patched.

Because MSPs specialize in data and network security, they have the expertise to properly secure your infrastructure even as more of your workers remain remote. They also constantly monitor your network for outages and can get you back up and running quickly.

In addition to protecting your remote employees, an MSP can help them be more productive. They can deploy powerful collaboration and communication tools with minimal disruption to your business.

As your company tightens its financial belt, partnering with an MSP can help you spend less on IT without jeopardizing your network security.

If you’d like to learn how Managed IT from Elevity can help your organization stay in the black this year, let’s talk. 

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