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What Makes a Great IT Project Management Consulting Firm?

Jeff Dotzler
Written by Jeff Dotzler

Whether you’re upgrading a server or migrating to the cloud, the secret to a successful IT project is partnering with a good project management firm. Finding the perfect match can make your entire project experience streamlined and practically stress-free. Here are 3 things to look for when selecting a project management group.

Experienced People

What makes a truly great project management firm? Its people. A company with a diverse team of experts means they’ll have the know-how to deliver excellence in a wide range of projects.

Find a project management group with the expertise to implement solutions that will keep your company ahead of the technology curve and prepared for the future. From the basic to the complex, Elevity’s project team can design and deploy whatever your network requires, including:

Another piece of advice: look for a project management group that not only has skilled technical engineers, but also outstanding project coordinators.

Think of project coordinators as the mission control of your undertaking. They keep everything running smoothly from kick-off to close. At Elevity, our project coordinators take care of all the details so you can relax knowing everything is under control. Some of the tasks they handle include:

  • Creating the project plan
  • Scheduling
  • Procuring materials
  • Keeping the project on time and on budget
  • Regularly communicating with the client

Solid Reputation

Whenever you’re planning to make a large investment in something, it’s wise to ask around. You wouldn’t use the first construction company to come along to build your brand new house. You wouldn’t choose just any caterer for your wedding reception. Instead, you’d look at online reviews and ask friends and coworkers for recommendations to ensure you’re going with a company you can trust. So why should your IT project be any different?

Ask colleagues about their recent project experiences and their suggestions for project management firms. There’s a good chance you’ll hear Elevity’s name come up. Our clients are quick to recommend us for everything from Microsoft 365 migrations to hyperconverged infrastructure deployments.

We have a Net Promoter Score of 65. The NPS measures how likely customers are to recommend a company to a peer. It’s the industry standard for determining customer service satisfaction and company reputation. A score of 50 and above is considered excellent. A score of 70 and above is the best of the best – it’s rare to score that high. Our NPS of 65 reveals just how happy our clients are to work with Elevity on their technology initiatives.

But beyond our Net Promoter Score, our clients have told us how they feel about Elevity’ project management services.

Ron Mensching, Vice President of Business Services, National University of Health Sciences: “All throughout the project, I was kept informed of everything going on at every stage. It was a really well-organized implementation. The expert project engineers at Elevity handled all the install and setup so I didn’t have to be very involved, which was great.”

Bobby Kewan, IT Director, City of Pewaukee: “It was the smoothest migration I’ve been a part of in nearly 30 years in IT. The cutover didn’t disrupt any essential services. I had the confidence of knowing exactly what was happening at all times and always received quick responses to my questions. Working with Elevity made the entire process seamless.”

Tom Walzer, CEO, Saco Foods: “Working with Elevity on our project was an excellent choice. The migration experience was so smooth and simple on our team. The fact that we experienced zero downtime – thanks to a weekend migration – and were ready to go for a pivotal Monday board of directors meeting, it was simply seamless.”

Ian Popkewitz, Director of IT and Operations, American Society of Agronomy: “Elevity knew our pain points and came in with a solution that really works. Their constant support and knowledge made our migration practically painless. Working with Elevity on this project made the whole experience headache-free.”

Support If Things Go Wrong

Everything is completed and you’ve signed off on the project. But then, something stops working properly. What do you do? Where can you turn? If you’ve selected a project management firm with a strong help desk, you can simply call for help. The best part? Since you’ve worked with that firm on your project, they’re already familiar with your infrastructure and can more quickly diagnose and resolve the issue.

At Elevity, we pride ourselves on the quality of our IT Service Desk. We staff it with the very best tech talent in the area and have processes in place to facilitate fast, yet thorough, assistance. Our Service Desk’s overall customer satisfaction score is consistently a 4.9 or 5 out of 5. Knowing you have such top-quality support only a phone call away can put your mind at ease the next time something goes “oops” in your network.

Let’s Talk About Your IT Project

If you’re looking for a reliable, knowledgeable partner to help you with your next IT project, consider Elevity. Visit our Project Work page to learn more about all we can offer you. And then contact the project experts at Elevity. We’re eager to make your project a success.

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