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The Ultimate Guide to Using Microsoft Teams

Paul Hager
Written by Paul Hager

COVID-19 gave us all a crash course in using online collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams. Like many of us, you’ve probably muddled your way through sending a chat message or joining a conference call.

But do you realize Teams can do so much more to make your day easier? And learning how to use all its cool bells and whistles is ridiculously easy. Let me walk you through some of the handier features of Teams.

Format Your Posts

You want to make a Teams post with multiple paragraphs. But when you hit Enter to make a return, your message is posted. Argh! Here's how to use the very handy rich text editor in Teams to do everything from posting links to sharing your posts across multiple channels.



Share Files in Chat

Discover how easy it is to share and collaborate on documents with your colleagues in real time thanks to Teams’ dynamic interface.



Email a Teams Channel

Bet you didn’t know that every one of your Teams channels has an email address. Yep! You can actually send an email to a Teams channel. Here’s how to send that important all-staff email to Teams for added visibility.



Manage Your Channels

You have the power to make your Teams channels fun and collaborative places to be. Set user permissions, review analytics for each of your channels, and much more.



Use the Teams Command Bar

In Teams, the command bar is your friend. Using a simple forward slash, you can reveal all the interesting information Teams is wired to tell you.



But that’s not all, folks. There’s still plenty of fascinating Teams features to explore. Check out our on-demand webinar Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Teams to learn about finding who’s who in your organization, setting reminders, app integration, and more.


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