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Look Like an IT Superhero with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Josh Moore
Written by Josh Moore

HCI: The Ultimate IT Sidekick

It’s the Robin to your Batman, the Bucky Barnes to your Captain America, the War Machine to your Iron Man. It’s hyperconverged infrastructure – working hard behind the scenes to make your job easier and ensure you look awesome to everyone else.

Case Study Illustrates HCI’s Superpowers

Gustave A. Larson Company was facing a big challenge. They were about to launch a new ERP system, but the company’s existing infrastructure wasn’t able to support it and their SAN was almost full. Upgrading the GA Larson datacenter with traditional 3-tier architecture (servers, storage, switches) would cost three times more than their budget would allow.

They needed a flexible, easy-to-manage system with enough storage and compute power to support their ERP software. The solution also needed to lay a foundation that would allow them to easily expand in the future without spending huge chunks of money. A tall order.

Hyperconverged infrastructure to the rescue! Read our new case study to learn what happened when HCI came on the scene at GA Larson.


What HCI Brings to the Table

Whether you’re looking to consolidate your datacenter, deploy a virtual desktop environment, or set up the necessary infrastructure for a remote workforce, HCI is a powerful sidekick ready to help.

So Easy to Scale: HCI removes the SAN completely. Instead, it fuses the hypervisor, server, and storage into a single appliance called a node. To scale the solution, you just deploy more nodes.

Agile: You manage your HCI centrally using a single piece of software. This one management console controls the storage, compute, and virtual machines, so it’s easy to migrate workloads from one location to another.

A Backup /Disaster Recovery Pro – HCI systems include backup, failover, failback, and recovery options natively. That gives you cleaner backup, replication, and recovery options.

Money-saving: With HCI, you save money up front and over the long term. Your initial investment is much smaller than a traditional solution because you only buy what you need as you need it. In addition, the recurring costs of supporting your datacenter are lower because there’s less equipment to maintain.

Future-proof: HCI provides a stable, reliable operating environment for your organization. Adding or transitioning vital software applications to HCI is easy – so your business will always have the tools it needs to keep a competitive edge.

Every organization is unique, but HCI is nimble enough to solve all sorts of infrastructure challenges. Not sure you need it? At Elevity, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your network to find out if HCI may be right for you. Request a free assessment today.

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