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The Role of IT Support for Manufacturing Industries

Nathan Distel
Written by Nathan Distel

U.S. manufacturers rely on technology every day to analyze data and translate their findings into actionable strategies. This is why Information Technology (IT) support is critical for day-to-day business needs and future growth.

However, manufacturers often find that they need additional or alternate IT support options. Smaller businesses often partner with an outsourced managed IT services firm for comprehensive services, while larger businesses tend to carve out outsourced projects.

Wondering how manufacturing IT support could assist your company and give you a competitive edge? Let’s look at the possibilities that could be geared toward strengthening your business.

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What is IT Support?

In general, IT support personnel provide technical assistance for implementation, maintenance, troubleshooting, security and future design of networked solutions.

Every company has their own viewpoint of what type of IT support they need and how they’ll use this expertise. However, common goals for IT support often involve tasks designed to ensure the business’s technological infrastructure remains operational, and that efficiency and productivity evolve with technology.

What Can IT Support Do for My Business?

A manufacturing company’s needs, operational style and number of employees who need network access will help to determine how IT support personnel can best assist the business.

While these individuals may perform multiple duties, here’s a list of common IT support roles at a manufacturing company:

Hardware and Software Support

Employees working in the office or on the manufacturing floor will need configuration and troubleshooting assistance for the variety of hardware and software solutions used by the business. In an office environment, this may include setting up laptops, assisting with apps such as Microsoft Teams or phone communications.

Manufacturing plant employees may also have additional or alternate technology needs that track material usage, customer orders and delivery logistics.

Network Management

Keeping employees connected to data is essential. IT support works behind the scenes to design, implement and maintain network infrastructure to optimize productivity and minimize downtime.

Data Management & Analytics

IT support is a key part of helping manufacturing companies optimize their production processes, reduce waste and improve efficiency. Gathered data is analyzed and translated into strategies for future use.


Staying vigilant is key to effective cybersecurity. That’s why having sufficient IT support to prepare now could save manufacturing businesses from big headaches later.

Technological Research

Technology changes rapidly. IT support personnel are skilled in researching and evaluating new hardware and software options. They can do the research and provide an expert executive summary or product comparison data to your C-suite officers.

Benefits of IT Support for Manufacturing Companies

Once you gain a better understanding of the services needed, you’ll see how to leverage IT support for maximum benefits.

Here are some of the benefits you could expect.

Improved Manufacturing Speed and Efficiency

Leverage the knowledge of your IT support personnel to collaborate with key manufacturing staff. Create reporting dashboards designed to identify opportunities for more efficient manufacturing methods and processes.

Enhanced Product Quality

Data is your friend! IT support personnel are skilled at gathering and interpreting data to find quality control gaps in your processes. Address these gaps and you’ll enhance the quality of your products for future success!

Increased Customer Experience Excellence

Give your customers multiple methods to choose from when contacting your company. Add a chat function to your website. Create automated emails to let customers know when the status of their order changes.

Also, after a customer receives their order, send a survey to gauge their feelings about their ordering experience and the product. IT support can help design and implement a tailored, online customer experience geared toward happier customers.

Upgraded 24/7 Network Security

A risk assessment is your first step towards reducing your cybersecurity risk. Skilled IT support personnel can assist with this. They’ll use the data to construct a comprehensive managed IT services program for round-the-clock network security solutions.

Hackers don’t take the weekend off, and neither should your network protection.

Elevated Employee Work/Life Balance

Not only can IT support help you simplify manufacturing processes, but they can also tailor a unified communications plan for collaboration, effective communication and increased productivity. Whether your employees are in the office, at the manufacturing plant, working from home or visiting a client — they’ll all enjoy seamless communications.

New Technology Research Designed to Encourage Company Growth

In-house IT personnel or an outsourced vCIO can develop an IT roadmap that will show how technology can positively impact your bottom line. New technologies that many manufacturing companies are currently considering include:

  • AR/VR
  • Automated diagnostic tools
  • Cloud computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Inventory automation
  • AI
  • Machine learning
  • Remote monitoring
  • Reporting dashboards
  • Unified communications

Fully Managed vs. Co-Managed IT Services: Which Is Better for My Business?

If you are searching for outsourced assistance with your IT services, you have two options – fully managed or co-managed. Here’s the difference:

  • Fully Managed IT Services are for companies who want to completely outsource all of their technology management needs. A fully managed IT support and services provider will take care of everything from computer setup to cybersecurity to troubleshooting and everything in between. These types of services are better suited for companies with less than 100 employees.
  • Co-Managed IT Services are for companies looking for outsourced assistance to provide their in-house IT staff a helping hand with project work. A co-managed IT team lets your in-house team take control over the most critical tasks, while the managed IT partner fills any gaps discovered along the way. These types of services are better suited for companies with more than 100 employees.

We’re Ready to Support Your Manufacturing Company

Elevity’s technology management tools and processes provide a more comprehensive level of service than other managed IT services providers. We offer solutions and support for your business’s entire technology infrastructure. Contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll help you explore options and address key questions and concerns to determine whether a technology management plan is the correct path for your manufacturing business.

In the meantime, click the link below and access our free checklist for what makes for a successful help desk and see if it sparks any ideas.

Checklist for Support Desk Needs

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